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ENG 108
Rahul Sapra

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ENG 108 September 28, 2012 Petrarchan Sonnet #74 - three queens/Elizabeth’s 1) Body – Mother-Nature 2) Fortune – Queen Elizabeth 3) The mind Thrice happy has been made - Alliteration From my spirit out of dust was raised - Created to love her Singing praised of beloved The most praised to have lived - Born to praise her as she is the best to have lived The sonnet is also of praise to the Queen - therefore the sonnet is romantic and political Renaissance Plays full of Bawdy - Sexual preference Look up Masque and Anonymous Shakespeare - the upstart crow - Never wrote a will (all play writes would write a will stating all of their work) Beauty – women Nature – Performed – Artist – painted – Natural - Nature is an artist that painted him Master Mistress - Attacking petrachan poetry - Sadistic master - Mocking petrachan poetry by hinting on homosexuality
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