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Rahul Sapra

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ENG 108 Friday October 26, 2012 Ancient Mariner The exam will be a short answer and an essay question William Wardsworth said that the poem was not as great as he thought that it would be - a friends of the poet - said that the mariner has not distinct character - does not act but, is always acted upon - Events have no logical or necessary connection - Imagery is laboriously accumulated (there are too many images happening and they do not flow) - Is the poem too dense? Are there way to many images or symbols? Is it successful? Dover Beach - Mathew Arnold - Question will probably be on exam - Some times called one of the first modern poems - * written in the 19 (1867) century 1780-1820 - the date is important because it is close to the industrial revolution and Charles Lyell’s book The Principles of Geology which came out in 1830 - the book talks about the creation of the earth and man kind - He questions the biblical idea by stating that people came into place by natural causes and may be superseded by another species…..this puts God and Nature at strife - Says that Mankind’s creation did not lead to any major change in the universe - This is similar to Darwin’s origin of species in 1859 and the Descent of Man around the same time - These books state that people are descendants of Apes and that there is a struggle for existence and therefore the fittest will win - Romantics did not address this because it did not exist at this time - Because of Sciences and these theories going back to Nature during this time in poetry meant taking into account modern theory - This account within Dover Beach makes it possibly the first Modern poem The first 5 lines of the poem - How does it describe nature - Calm- perfect … describes nature and does not question it - The sea is calm and the moon lies fair - The light of the moon is fair and france is on the other side….you are watching the scene and looking out from a balcony - The scene is vast and beautiful and therefore stating that England and France a tranquil and Nature is great - The first 5 lines seem to be romantic because it does not question nature After the first 5 lines -Come to the window – he addresses someone (it states that he was on his honeymoon…. therefore most likely a female) Sweet is the night air Only from the long line of spray air, where the sea meets the land Listen ( important) you hear the greating roar of pebble which the waves draw back and fling - the sound which is not peaceful and contrasts the first 5 lines - the pebbles are being thrown by the waves At their return of the highest strand begin and seize begins and seize - it is repetitive and it monotonous ….which means that it is mechanical Cadence – is a phrase of music/noise…. It is slow and never ending (it is the eternal note of sadness) the first 5 lines are beautiful and then translates into a slow monoton
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