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Rahul Sapra

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Freud “ In my experience, which is already extensive, the chief part in the mental lives” (814) - (Makes know his expertise by stating his ego as an authority) “The action of the play consists in nothing other than the process of revealing, with cunning delays and ever mounting excitement – a process that can be likemed to the work of a psychoanalysis – that” (815) - (do you feel as though you can contradict Freud and disrupt him due to his ego inserted through schooled and experienced knowledge) - Follows this idea of hating and loving another parent as a neurosis - The underlining implications of this is that Hamlet is crazy therefore you agree or disagree - Discovery confirmed by legend …..power to move can only be understood (states and reinforces ego and statements) - Also brings about seminaries such as Edopeus and Hamlet being a prince and killing in sudden action (218) “Counter argument/ argument - (218) Rex known as tragedy contrast of god and people ….people are thought to learn about - Said to lie and lesson is said…. Mention however, makes sure not to mention that it is his thoughts - (816 near top) “destiny moves only because it might have been ours and we share similar curse” (towards end of paragraph) compels us to suppress and see our inner urges (freud in this becomes poet and audience) - Think about where you see the poet playing with the audience? - (top of 817) quotes edopus dream “troubled him not as mine” Authorial ethos Freud oracle in control? - (page 817 2 paragraph down) goes into hamlet as having its roots in the same soil of edopus rex…. Consider how language is used in the play - Claims a difference between Rex and Hamlet is the child’s fantasy is brought into the open and within Hamlet it remains repressed - He says that text has no (?) ((then go to next page)) He says that he’s translated what is in Hamlets mind however, he states backwards that there is nothing that states about his motives and that the argument supports itself - (818) talks about what he believes (distain for sexuality within Ophelia ….) states that Shakespeare is created to the poets mind and many separate motives - Petrarchain sonnet as prof says may not always be the poet??? - States that dreams are meant to be interpreted and states that they many
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