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David Copeland

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October 29, 2012 Anne Of Green Gables (1908)- Part One Summary • Person’s identification to a particular place • Orphan: alone, unlike the March sisters who have their biological parents o 1857 Hopetown Orphanage where Anne came from o Adopted for cheap labor: Boys for physical labor and girls for house cleaning o Course: Little Angels Little Monsters  Great mistakes what the romantics wanted to do to separate children from society  James Bulger a little boy who was abducted and killed by other boys. o Children were sent to orphanages in order to be children who are mirrored to society and become educated well mannered • Romanticist • Ugly ducklings turn into swans: the red hair • Child of two teachers who die of a pandemic (fever) • By the end of the novel she becomes a teacher and wants to inspire her students • Vanity: hair, nose, skin, etc • GENRE-Girl’s Story: The focus is on Anne and her development • Doing good, and about happy about being good: Marilla Cuthbert • Moral standing is not as significant as in Little Women o Anne delights in apologizing when she does something wrong sometimes coming off as not sincere o Moral has a different aspect of encouraging children instead of punishing them • Female Education: Development of time periods • Community: Small town gossip •
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