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Ryerson University
ENG 422
Vikraman Baskaran

English 4U1—Assignment Description Hamlet Oral Media Presentation: Literary Seminar Assignment Task Description: Working in groups of three, students are asked to prepare a literary seminar based on one of the topics below (one per group). A literary seminar is similar to a literary essay, except that it is offered through a verbal discussion rather than the written word. Like the literary essay, a literary seminar has a thesis, and it must be proven throughout the seminar. Expectations: • please post your thesis statement so that it is visible throughout the entire presentation (do not just write it on the chalkboard) • demonstrate connections between Hamlet and the secondary drama in the context of your topic • create a poster-sized media piece to support your presentation. Please ensure that your piece is an effective visual aid (i.e., it can be seen at the back of the class) and that at least 70% of it is generated by hand. • give a handout that outlines your seminar to each member of the class • ensure there is some form of interaction with the class (generate a discussion, ask questions, take a poll, etc.) • plan and rehearse your presentation so that it is between 10 - 15 minutes in length, including discussion • ensure that each person in the group has his or her own seminar notes (to be submitted to the teacher and to Topics: Anti-Heroism Absurdism Feminism/Gender Criticism Existentialism Humanism Theological Criticism Queer Criticism Historicism Marxism Psychological Criticism Evaluation: Please see attached rubric. Presentation Dates: __________________________________ Academic Rubric for Literary Seminar Criteria: Below Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 1 (50%- 59%) (60% - 69%) (70% - 79%) (80% - 100%) (0-49%) Knowledge Ideas No or very few Few ideas connections Some connections Good connections Excellent connections connections offered offered offered offered Little evidence offered to Evidence No or very little support ideas Some evidence offered Fairly strong evidence Strong evidence offered evidence offered to to support ideas offered to support to support ideas support ideas Demonstrates limited ideas understanding of Demonstrates some Demonstrates very good Understanding of Demonstrates no or very task/information understanding of Demonstrates to excellent task/information limited understanding of task/information competent understanding of task/information understanding of task/information task/information Thinking Creative and critical Demonstrates creative Demonstrates creative The candidate uses The candidate uses The candidate uses thinking skills and critical thinking and critical thinking creative thinking with creative thinking with creative thinking with skills with no or limited skills with limited some effectiveness. considerable thorough effectiveness. effectiveness. effectiveness. effectiveness. Communication Opening has no 1Opening lacks clarity; 1Opening introduces 1Opening is engaging 1Opening is engaging, Opening, logic
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