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Lecture 3

ENG503 Lecture 3 The Island of Doctor Moreau 24-01-2014

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Ryerson University
ENG 503
David Copeland

Lecture #3 ENG503 The first 13 chapter give you and adventure feel, then gothic element. Chapter 14 science comes to play. - The beast people o They seem very individualistic but can be sociable - Force o Coercion o Physical o Mental o As re-enforcement o Law - Literary illusions o Pg. 52 Comus  god of festivities  god of fire  god of revelry  Montgomery gets people drunk  Women begin to forgo drinking because they start to feel shame  But Montgomery feels a lot of shame as well • Left a woman with a kid • Scientific discovery • Why burn the boats? o Vindictiveness  If he goes back to London he’d still be exiled o Attached to Pendrick & Beast people  Doesn’t want him to leave o Gives him a reason/way to kill himself o Plot device  To move things forward o Political move  The head of the mechanism of the island now
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