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Lecture 5

ENG 510 Lecture 5: Lecture 5, Feb 13 & 14: The Night of the Hunter

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Ryerson University
ENG 510
Maria Ionita

ENG 510: Lecture 5 Monday, February 13, 2017 Midterm Section 1 7 or 8 questions, answer 4 Each question is out of 10, total of 40 Section 2 Close reading of a passage (analysis) 3 passages to choose from 60 1.52 pages Essay Proposal 2 pages double spaced Avoid long quotations Have topic, thesis, and main arguments Have research for evidence OLALLA, Robert Louis Stevenson (1885) The Englishmans interpretation of the events that are familiar to vampirism, is that it is all biological, and he gives the story a rational explanation rather than linking it to some supernatural explanation o the noble family is falling, theyve been inbred and isolated, etc. which explains the weird behaviour o the more they become isolated, the more they become inbred, the more they biologically decline the vampirism is seen as the last final stage of this biological decline Olalla looks at the paintings of her ancestors who resemble her a lot and so she has this consciousness that hr family, and this race, is going to end with her She struggles with whether this stranger is in love with her, or is in love with her ancestors who have repeated this cycle of life over and over and they play out in her.
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