ENG 632 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: List Of Narrative Techniques, Ancient Greek, Cinematic Techniques

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20 Jul 2016
ENG 632 Week 10
- Anthropomorphism; giving human characteristics to animals
- Anthropocentrism; belief that humans are the center of all things (humanism), eg. attribution of
human pain to non-humans
- Stumpinghamcentrism; belief that your reality is the only one
oMacrostructural manifestations; don’t bother to learn about the world outside
stumpingham because they don’t believe such a thing exists
oMicrostructural manifestations; fairyfoot, because he doesn’t have big feet, defies what
is normal
- Etymological roots of
oBruno; brown
oSylvie; silvan ???, ancient greek for of the forest
oAppropriate because they’re both of the earth
oRoots of the fable
- Political message behind fairyfoots conclusion; how they address conflict between their parents
views of the world
- Leader of Victorian culture
- Invented modern ideas surrounding Christmas; scrooge, gifts, centred on the child
- John locke, the doctrine of natural law
Great expectations (1861)
- Realism; a mode of writing that gives the impression of recording or reflecting faithfully an
actual way of life. Literary realism refers to:
oA literary method based on detailed accuracy of description
oA more general attitude that rejects idealization, escapism, and other extravagant
qualities of romance in favour of recognizing soberly the actual problems of life.
- Elements of realism in the text
- “My sister, Mrs. Joe, with …. Every day of her life.” (Chapter 2)
oNarrator oscillates between thoughts, sounds like he’s talking to the reader, just
chatting so has no reason to lie, thinking out loud
oPainful, dirty image; washed with nutmeg grater instead of soap
oBony, coarse; rigid, harsh descriptors
- “I had often watched a large dog…he was very like the dog.”
Look for
- examples of anthropomorphism or technology of monstrosity
oMonstrosity; convicts are dirty, covered in mud, don’t speak clearly , Mrs joe calls him
an animal
Magwich knows that a child would be scared of a prisoner so he plays off of
that, threatening pip
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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