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Lecture 2

ENT 500 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase

Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Course Code
ENT 500
Pierre Pequegnat

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Business Plan Evaluation
Professor Charlene Nicholls-Nixon
Components of Evaluation
Concept (What?)
Have you provided a clear and compelling explanation of what you propose to do?
- Extent to which the nature of the business has been clearly explained/defined.
- Clear explanation of how the technology works, and how the business model will be developed (ie. how you
will make $ from the proposed venture)
10 points
Opportunity Demonstration (Why?)
Have you provided a clear and compelling case to justify why this venture represents an attractive business
- Understanding of key environmental/industry trends creating the opportunity
- Clearly identified the target market(s) and explained the needs served/market gap addressed
- Identified and assessed competitors (current/potential; direct/indirect)
- Shown an understanding of the factors determining the window of opportunity for the proposed venture
20 points
Strategy and Competitive Advantage (How?)
Have you laid out a clear and logical strategy for exploiting the opportunity?
Does it provide a basis for a sustainable competitive advantage?
Is your competitive strategy supported by your plans for:
- Technology Development
- Marketing/Sales
- Operations
- Human Resources
Do you have a clear sense of the key contingencies and how they will be addressed?
Is there a clear exit strategy?
30 points
The Team (Who?)
Have you identified the key players in the venture, their roles and the need for and type of external advisors that
may be required in order to launch the venture?
10 points
The Deal (How Much? From Whom?)
Do you have a clear sense of the capital required, its uses and the expected risk return trade-off for investors?
Do you have a good sense of "who" the most likely type of investor will be for this venture?
- Start up costs
- Burn rate/cash flow requirements until positive
- Breakeven/payback/ expected return /profitability
Have your assumptions been clearly stated? Are they logical? Has the appropriate sensitivity analyses been
20 points
- Max 30 pages of text
- Effective use of exhibits
- Concisely and clearly written/ no loose ends
- Professionalism
- Well organized structure and headings/logical flow
- Evidence of proof reading
10 points
TOTAL Points (out of 100)
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