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Ryerson University
Entrepreneurship and Strategy
ENT 500
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

ENT 500TA petertohryersonca Manage RiskMoney cash flowPeopleMarketsproductsservicesTimeOpportunitiesEntrepreneurs need Capital 1 Social Capitala Friends contacts 2 Financial Capital a3 Human Capital a Employees right people on the bus Evaluation The company is worth what someone will pay for it when first starting outLook at assets o Inventory savings properties etcRevenue stream o Money to expect over the next X amount of yearsNet profitsWhat is the value of this revenue stream todayDiscounted value of moneyCapitalization members pitch together a sum of money to equal total valuation ie 3 people pitch 333K for a 1 million valuationCASHFLOWInnovation and business plans lead to ventures capitalistsincrease in productivityincrease standard of livingoutput measure of productivity US are more productive Americans are making 1000 more then Canadians with the same jobUS company 100 mill is a small company Canada is a large companyIPO50share and a total of 100 sharesOnce you issue more shares ie 200 shares the value is now half o Devalue shares o Tradeoff of devaluing shares BUT liquidity will go up more money sell more etc1520 mill hire a Certified Financial Officer CFO
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