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Entrepreneurship and Strategy
ENT 526
Sean Wise

ENT 526-FOURTH CLASS-FEBRUARY 1 , 2013 st  TALENT TRIANGLE  Domain knowledge: Having an understanding of what the business is like that  Operational Experience: Been there, Done That  Business Acumen: Having the knowledge to grow the business  PAIN: How many people have this unmet need  How much their suffering  PROVINCE: The industry  Any good proposal should have an ask and a use of proceeds  Hello my name is Bob and I`m looking for 200$ to generate 2000 toys  Start with the money, add the use of it, and the results of it in 18 months  Eye of the beholder issue when valuing a company  FORMULAS:  Pre Money Valuation  Post Money Valuation  Post Money=(Pre Money)+(Investment)  Pre Money=(Post Money)-(Investment)  Example 1:  Pre Value: 1.25 Million  Post Value: 1 Million  Example 2:  Investor keeps 1250000  You keep 20%  Example 3:  Post Valuation: 5 000000- Investment+Pre Money  Pre Valuation: 4.5 Million  Personal Power vs. Agressive Power  Leader looks at a macro level  Manager looks at execution, ground level  Leaderships are visionary, long term focused  Managers short term focused  Personal vs. Positional  Long term vs short term  Visionaries vs. those who execute the vision  Proactive vs. Reactive  Internal locus of control vs. External locus of control  What role should value play in business  At Google, people come to them o
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