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ENT 526 Week 11

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Entrepreneurship and Strategy
ENT 526
Sean Wise

Week 11 Notes Review  Final – Same formate as midterm  1 – Mix and match  2 – Theory  Stockdale Paradox o Accept this as your reality now o You need a dream o Pivot- change your business model o Aspiring to be the best but realistic  Take care of day to day activities o Accepting your reality but working to overcome it  Hedgehog o The overlapping ideas o What your deeply passionate about o What you can be the best in the world at o What drives your economic engine  Key performance indicators (KPI) o Only the best companies will survive (top 2 dominate the market)  Blue Ocean Strategy o Create a new market instead of competing with other competitors o Make competition irrelevant o Blue ocean (cellphones)  One bill and your done (wireless phones)  ARPU (average revenue per user)  COCA (Cost of acquiring a customer) o Cirque du Soleil  No animals  Made it for adults  Easier to ship people – animals expensive o Have lower costs when creating a new market o Have a competitive advantage for any new competitors entering Lecture  Mary Han’s S Curve o Represent both a customer and market o Standard adoption of technology o B – Scalability
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