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Ryerson University
Environment and Urban Sustainability
EUS 202
Christopher Greene

Component 5Some Elements of Community PolicyIntroductionNot likely that large numbers of people will choose sustainable options if o Choice seems somehow more difficult than the unsustainable option o Choice is more expensive than the unsustainable optionHow then can a shift be encouragedPolicy can be a an important approach in influencing behaviour towards the desired outcomeThis component introduces concepts of the policy process actors strtegies and instrumentsConcludes with discussing of constraints to the implementation of policyThe Policy ProcessChoices about sustainability frequently influenced both o Market forces o Regulation of those market forcesIn this framework who has power of choice or actors o Individuals o Groups of individuals o Private Firms o GovernmentGovernment AgenciesCommunity actors can influence local governance identifying values defining a common visionActors define or identify issues and can result in the influence of loacal policy designOnce implemented policy influences actions of actors through community and market signalsActions shape the policy outcomes reflected by changes in the six forms of capitalPolicy outcomes in turn have subsequent influence o Create new actors o Revision of existing policy or objectives o Creation of new policy or objectivesThe Policy Process StrategiesPricebased strategies o Adjusting the prices of good and services o Intention is to better reflect true environmental costs and benefitsRightsbased strategies o Assigning both rights and obligations to actors in the policy processMarket friction reduction o Improving market efficiencyThe Policy Process InstrumentsPolicy instruments are tools or variables the government can control to achieve objectivesUsed to help establish the conditions for more sustainable choices and behaviorRoseland identifies four categories of policy instruments to sustainable community development
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