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Ryerson University
Environment and Urban Sustainability
EUS 202
Christopher Greene

Urban Greening BENEFITS OF GREENING Economic Green roofs: insulation; Trees: shade, low energy cost, windbreaker; Replacing sod: saves water Temperature Absorbs more heat, decreases urban heat island effect = less Regulation air conditioning needed; reduce UHI effect Water Captures/filters rain water; use that water for other uses Conservation (irrigation,etc.) Pollution Because vegetation uses C in photosynthesis it can trap Reduction pollutants= improvement of air quality Habitat Because urbanization causes habitat fragmentation and can have serious impacts it can provide habitat and reduce impacts of fragmentation Water Resource Impervious surface=^runoff; canopy=^infiltration rate & Management recharge of ground water, decreased runoff rate; green infrastructure=capture & filter storm water Public Health Stress reduction Produce Food ^ food security, social capital, connection to community OPPORTUNITES FOR GREENING GREENING PARKS AND OPEN SPACES  trying to provide multiple services: recreation, education, habitat, farming, community gardens, etc. to vacant lots, traffic island, roof tops, abandoned industrial properties, etc.  Queen’s Park Xeriscape Garden o 140 drought resistant plant species o 70% reduction in costs because of maintenance, operating, watering  Loulet Park, North Vancouver o underutilized park transitioned to an urban farm RESTORING AQUATIC SYSTEMS  frequently impacted by urbanization  ecological services & community opportunities: o wetlands: water filtration, capturing storm water o streams & riparian areas: habitat, biodiversity protection o art, science, education, recreation  Creek Daylighting: efforts to reduce length of culverts and expose stream beds and remove in-fill  drawbacks: upfront costs GREENING LOCAL INFRASTRUCTURE Benefits:  value matures after initial investment  multi-functionality  reduce infrastructure costs &environmental impacts Green Roofs: covering a rooftop with growth medium & plants EXTENSIVE SYSTEMS INTENSIVE SYSTEMS BENEFITS Thin covering of ^ variety of plants & Less heating & succulents (water trees cooling retaining, adapted to Mitigating UHI more arid conditions) ^ecological ^growing medium, ^air quality functional maintenance, & h20 Less accessible Lower diversity of ^recreation, ^habitats (esp. small plants: less growth agriculture, & energy birds) medium, h2o, maintenance Non-recreational ^food production green space Green Alley Program, Chicago  began in 2006: converting pavements = permeable surfaces o 100+ green alleys by 2010  permeable asphalt/concrete  open bottom catch basins  high albedo pavements (^UHI)  use of recycled materials (e.i. tire rubber) GREENING PRIVATE SPACES e.i. Evergreen: partner with businesses to green corporate spaces Naturescape: educational programs to enhance potential wildlife habitat on private properties Patagonia Distribution Center, Reno: ^storm water management system, xeriscaping AT&T, Illinois: manicured lawns=>prairie wildflowers; decreased $ with h20, fertilizer, & maintenance Golf courses:  very unsustainable land use  fertilizers, pesticides, & h2o is used to maintai
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