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Environment and Urban Sustainability
EUS 202
Christopher Greene

   NERG 013)  Winter  FFICIENCY  lides  ENEW ecture  NERGY 11. AND EUS202       highest    he energyergy  coofmies  istances    mong  ong Renewables  ncreased    re  oc eti or    entres,  nergy  elireasons  eason  merica svanced popu ation  sers    fficien yrth  bundant, on  anada  apita    nav idDispSirsidicant GloballTe,relyAlrgically  Energ y     page     f    2012),  lso Roseland  se number    f    azardsSource: to   pollution Renewablesnsumptions     and    ontribute  ater en ironmental  nergy  apital  missions  se  nd  nd  ur  ir  HG  f  atu o t  inefficiencies  fficiency    f  ccidents portion  osts   Dep Clontoibueiauteds Largrelatedhidden    Energ  y  page      2012),   Roseland    as,  e.g.   Source: direct  nd   (oil  rices  o  nefficiencies Renewables  ighting     subsidiecommodity  ontribute to    ooling,    lsorom  anufacturing lobal  f  secostseati g,  pplied  ubble")  fficienc f    ectors) dollars   Exce Indiustrmineralctuations Patternsmic    Energ y 50  age  s  2012),  itchell ‐uality”  orld  earden & “ow Source:    atural  ut)  ath re  r  n  nergy  etween  spread energ ?:  ner‐uality  f differencenergy  oncentr te   ‐uality”  isperseto  Quality” he  r  emperatamount  s    high‐uality  ow DiffusteDiffLiurgtesidered What Low     Energ y  50  age    2012),  eat  hat  itchell  f but  ay    earden & per  arness   ocean,  o Source:  mounts    f  he  n  ostly  itres  emp rature  normous low  rillionatnt  0  s  ifficult abso b  eat  s    Quality”    cont nergy  ceans Equ iiglentThis e.g.   Energ  y 50  age      2012),  he  asks  itchell  o on    earden &  nergy  uality sed Source:  se  o  hen nergy  uclear  nergy  asy  ire, wastedality  s:  nd  atchsk   ot  o the  ow of  nergy    nergy  uic uels,  equire  Quality” concentrated  ttempt quality  ossil ‐ual nly ‐ Mor Deisee.r.es Shourequirementt High   Ideally:  Energ y       0  or    age  2012),  sed    nd are  itchell    earden & ‐emperature  ransport, Source:  ources  emperatures,  ow  igh  nergy  t  eneration,  n  hrough  urned   ‐uality  osses  eneration)  nerg igh  nergy energy Heating  ener ted “Quality”    ccomplished    ases, ‐uality  se Spacee ‐uality)  lectricity   Can low Many(i.e.igelecticfinalant e.g.  Energ  y page        2012), to  f Roseland    apacity  ype Source:  he  ehavioural  enerat on  ncreasing Renewables for  o        hrough  ources epending  fficiency  n  lternative  ew  ostly  pproaches  pproaccapacity  ons ainson  fficiency    ery ‐ide effective ‐ide  e    ost Conincreaseenerationduchanges, Supply  Demand  Energ y  114        age   energy  re  2012), of  oseland  ncreasing  hat  n Source:  ransit) consumption    urposes  enewables same buildings &  mportant     theducation,    educ he buildings    o    f  or using  e.g.  nno ation  sed  xis esig e Efficiency  nd words,      an eneficial  ore  the o Retronfttiagive TechnolicIngical   Savingsally Energ  y    anagement ‐ide Efficiencyd    f  ocus Ene rgny   page   the        o  2012),  o   Roseland energy  o  or     Source:  nsulation  nergy savings reducingless cooling  aradox"      esign,  o  se  nd  olar "Jevons  hat   heatingnsiderable  pproach  assive  usinesses  or  nto  ne applianceske  nd  fficiencys    eed  otential  ork  ranslat lso Cresame Strategies Efficiency  CanindivBut,ls Energ  y    14      age    o energy    2012),   economy  oseland  n   local Source:  mportant  pent generation  conomy  he  e (2012):  n can    ollocalnergy  conomies   er     he localonger  .90f in Local  osel od      roduction  .7 utside  irculating  nd  nvested energy  2007)    conomies BetweeoMneoney(multiplier) Local Kinsley  Energ y    page      ocal  2012),  he  rom Roseland to  rid  istance  hocks)     the Source: to  ver  rice    nsuoiles  nergy   (e.g.    conomies rovideerall ransmis esilience,  n factors  lso han   Local  oss egional    an  f  ather  ommeconomic  nd  isk   systems  lectricity   LessLessIecnexternal Locacommunitys?   Energ y     15    age    2012),  or homes  oseland   Source: manageme td  om hem   side ‐  etrofitd equitycomes  ixture ot Economies    elp   demand lower  ooling      ha ould  o issues efficiencies  ocal     between  ppliances   energyating  easureslly  nd  ddress   eavy  pproaches  ow  undho help Ineffcirgyt   Correlation May those Strocan   Energy   fficiency and   Initiatives    anagement  nd  ide Tool Dsemand  15        age    s  2012),    esign  oseland  uilding Source: national    ncorpoGreen in    rofessionals  oluntary  or Environmental  tates   Systemticipation  uildings and      erform nited  or Rating    olunta oal he  ccreditation  nitiatives:rgy  y  n  ith uilding  uilding  USGBC) ertification  ro sdes GreenanExamiDtneeCouncilwell Lea(LEED)p    Effici ency   115 page  nd   use  2012),      989    oseland  n energy Source:    ow usinessesasing  inancial  ydroreduce  r  or  C    y reduced  elp    o  onsumersntives  emand  y  s  nitiatives:ates  ecognize  mple ustomerthat  rowing  ebates  mart Prog ragmageAswardsumOffefficiency Power    Efficie  ncy  16  age  2012),  oseland  roducts Source:  rogram  aving  inancial  esi entsy  o  con ssistance ‐ncoaccess   lower Initiatives:bates    dvice,    elp  ons ovation  mart Energytuvaluation, Power Efficie  ncy    16    age    2012),    n    nergy  lant  oseland energy  oal Source:   million  ver 012)    ncentiv n,  he  f  inancial generate (cashditors) to        o  er  oselcapacity  sed  n    lan exa pending access  he    008  ha lant megawatts han  nitiatives:e ustin  ncentives  y  ired f     (Barrie,  ather  rograms,  ore  oal InitsavingsNumbeebatRreademandavings Conservation    Efficie  ncy    18  f  age    2012),  lan   public  ortion  oseland of   energy   of Source:  eep    lan  o  0% retrofits  o  xpenditure    illion  einvestupnt Savings  gencies of    75   and  udits,  avings   1970s  ega   epartment, Initiatives:  he for 1984 einvestment    n  ppr ximately  n  or Phoenix  f  ave onservation  onservation  alls  f CitybuildingsllmoneEnergyi aasavings Energy  Efficie  ncy  18    age    2012),  lan   efficiency  oseland   Source:  lan  nergy  o  all Expenditure  einvestmen ity  mplemented   for  as  avings  elated  nd  avings  ystem  rojects lberta  torage  nitiatives:  apital Conservation  onservation  hermalmo ton,am  f pplgd. ner(continued) itysimilar Energy Efficie  ncy    18  o  age    2012),  lans  oseland  EERS)  xplicit EERS Source:  nstruments  aseline)    egulation  st blis olicy  tandards o  f  onnecticut  egulation implemented  tandards  eveluti(compared  esource      umber  ave ichigan, State or  nitiatives:    egis tates  argets 23 Efficiency these  ‐  mplement  ashington,  ease.g. *Pro veiefficiencyetAt  Energy    Efficie  ncy ‐19      18  age  lan eeds (2012),  nergy    012)n  oseland  EERS)  nergy  ear  nergy  020 Source:  er emiss ons ew y 2  f Regulation  oseland,  O  nd    tan nrdsours  f  0%  easures 2010  ons    ilowatt  cquire  olu oia  esource  illion  fficiency (ACORE,lion .4 Hydro  nitiatives:    ritish  68  f  C  nergy ‐fficiency  voided AchievAelso Requiresgh ConnecticutProvince  Energy  Efficie  ncy      19    age  reen lea t  2012),  heir at    oseland  e Source:  andate  tructures  pdated to    chieve  egulation  evelopment  fficien y10  f  il raditional  ol mbia merica  art  han Energy as    ritishw orth  uildings  or  n  nitiatives: first  ew fficient  onin   ractices  odes urnaby, he  hamore  f   Citmunicipalbuildinge30% Building   Efficie  ncy    19    age  olar    2012), to solar
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