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Lecture 4

FNF 100 Lecture 4: Impact of Family on Heath and Well-being

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Ryerson University
Family Studies
FNF 100
Dan Mahoney

Friday, February 3, 2017 Families & Health: Lecture 4 The Impact of Family on Health & Well-being Shifting responsibilities of health to the community and family life • increasing costs of healthcare has led government and policy makers to shift the responsibility of health care to families and communities (homelessness - mental illness) • thus the family and communities are more involved in looking after and caring for their members (can’t always handle/aren’t equipped to take on certain conditions) The Family as a Health Care Agent • through the family each of the determinants - poverty, social support, genes and education - have their impact Family’s Health Beliefs Family Health Habits • family members influence each other’s health habits • eating, smoking, drinking and exercise routines are learned at home • families also provide support for changing behaviours that put us at risk • reduce the risk of illness Family Lifestyle and Health • healthy activity and fitness has its roots in early life experience • strong associations exist between parents and children on levels of physical activity • family attitudes regarding the importance or value of an active lifestyle is critical • early physical, cognitive and emotional growth has life long influences on health Family Influence Health Care • family members play an important role in diagnosing and treating illness • families often discuss amongst themselves whether or not to seek treatment 1 Friday, February 3, 2017 • families beliefs and ideas are central to health care choices - impact future decision making Family Practices • family involvement/practices can influence: • lifestyle choices • medical regimes • serve as models for appropriate and inappropriate behaviour • gate keepers to the health system (drive us to the clinic, hyper attentive, tell you to get over it, not take it seriously) The Role of Behaviour in Family Life • family members influence each other’s behaviours: • if a family member is at high risk of CVD, than it is likely that other members of the family are at risk these shared CVD risks are influenced by genetic predispositions, but also through • shared behaviours which may increase risk • conversation, decision making, comfort in not being alone Who is most likely to be affected by these shared beliefs, behaviours and habit in the family? children suffer the most (vulnerable, impressionable) • illegal drug/alcohol misuse • • parental absence (too drunk/too high) How do the socializing processes of family relationships affect health, functioning and Environmental Factors Affecting Health • family environments can make its members more vulnerable to poor health: • role expectation • role overload (taking on too many responsibilities - parents looking after their own children & their parents) • family status (interrelated with powerlessness) 2 Friday, February 3, 2017 • powerlessness • relationship conflicts • marital dissatisfaction • can lead to disease progression Social Ties and Health • family is the mediating agent between the individual and society • there are both negative and positive effects of social ties and family support in relation to health and illness these negative qualities (non-supportive relationships) may have stronger impact on • health and well-being than the positive qualities Negative Effects on Social Ties • social ties can also serve as source son conflict, envy, frustration, devaluation • provide models of unhealthy behaviours • lead to decreased well-being and the development and
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