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Lecture 3

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FSN 101
Sandra Tullio Pow

FSN101 Textiles Lecture Week 3 NoteReview from last weekAesthetic Properties Cover opaque or translucent Luster results from reflected light shiny fabrics reflect lots of light Drape how fabric falls over a 3D form influential over the kind of design you create Texture fabric surface smooth or rough FibersYearns not uniform in diameter Hand how fabric feels next to the skinDurability Propertiesabrasion resistancepillingstrength tenacityflexibilityelongationAbrasion is essentially rubbingFlat abrasion very typically on the knee of a trouser fabric tends to get lighter in color fibers break only left yarn showing Edge abrasion bottom of hem of pants are too long constant rubbing against ground Flex abrasion bending in shoelacesKey indicator for durability Certain fibers are very strong and have very high abrasion resistance for example nylon and polyester and rayon and wool are relatively low Pilling defect on clothing tiny balls of wool from rubbing When its cotton and polyester pilling does occur however the pills stay on surface of fabricTenacity strength of a fabric the stronger the fiber the more likely that fiber is able to withstand stress To measure tenacity we use breaking strengththe application of a longitudinal pulling force to determine breaking strengthTearing strength the application of a lateral pulling force at a cut Bursting strength the applications of a distending forcea force perpendicular to a fabric surface Flexibility how stiff a particular fiber is to bend repeatedly without breaking Wool shingle like covering of scales coiled like slinkyvery flexibleElongation the stretching of a fiber under a tensile force amount of stretch a fibre can withstand without breaking Kevlar bullet proof vest fiber 5 times stronger than steel
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