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Lecture 2

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FSN 101
Sandra Tullio Pow

FSN101 Textiles Week 2 ReviewFibre is any substance natural or manufactured with a high length to width ratio and with suitable characteristics for being processed into a fabricYarn is an assemblage of fibres twisted or lad together so as to form a continuous strand that can be made into a textile fabricStaple is any natural or manufactured fibre produced in or cut to a short length measured in inches or centimeters Filament refers to fibres that are extremely long length measured in miles or kilometers or yarns made of these fibres Monomulti filament is a filament yarn consisting of a single fibre Serviceability is the measure of a textile products ability to meet consumers needs Luster refers to the way light is reflected form the fibre or fabric surface Hand is the way a fiber feels to the sense of touch Life cycle analysis examines the way the production use care and disposal o a product affects the environment and the people involved with the product Tex denier is a way of describing f
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