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FSN 101
Sandra Tullio Pow

Textiles Lecture Week 10Silk Woolother Protein FibersSilk is a natural filament protein fiberComes from cocoons of caterpillars called silk wormsSilk is commonly known as the Queen of fibers and is a luxury fiber1000 yards of silk in one worm China India and Japan are the chief producers of silk fibersWild silk is brownColour of silk is determine by what the silk worm eatsSilk is identified bu its softness and brilliant sheenTraignular in shape rounded cornerssericulture the production of cutliavted silkSericin water soluble protective gumt ath surrouns ilk when extruded from the caterpiullerReeling silk severl filkanest are gathered together and wound on a reelSpun Silk staple silk is made from cocoons where the filament broke or the moth matured and emerged from the cocoonSilk Noil de gummed silk less expensive elss durable dullerfuzzier pills weaker than filanetMomme one mm 375 grams describes the weight of silk
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