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Lecture 5

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FSN 101
Sandra Tullio Pow

FSN101 Textiles Week 5 Lecture Weaving Weaving the loomWhat is a loomHow does it work Pg 259Parts of the loom and their functionSteps in the weaving processA machine for weaving fabric o Warp beam is what pulls all warp yarns in place all tension is on warp yarn reason why we get more shrinkage in length of garment than width It is a roller that pulls all warps yarns parallel in positiono Salvage is the heavier woven edge of a fabrico Harnesses lift the warp yarns up or down so that the weft yarn which is carried in the shuttle can go through o It creates a space and in that space carries the shuttle o The more complex the fabric the more harnesses there will be o The reed is simply to keep warp yarns separated and in place o Once that shuttle shoots thr
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