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FSN 101
Louis Pike

FSN 101 - lecture Textiles Intro - how to be successful o read text before lecture o review lecture outline (via email) o go to lecture o review or rewrite notes within 24h - 40% for clothing 40% for home use 20% for first aid and other use - Fibre o Mostly from natural sources (staple fibre, however, silk is a filament fibre) o Cotton – natural plant o Wool – sheep, camel, goats, alpaca, and a number of other o Silk – from a cuccoon by a caterpillar, harvested - Yarn - Fabric - Washing and ironing o Changed womans lives when synthetic fibres were invented - Synthetic fibers o Chemical bases, then spun into fibres o Can make it copy any natural fibre o Naturally filament fibres, however, can images a staple fibre - Marketing, retailing, advertisment, production, retail development, curation, government (tender has to be issues for uniforms- weave weight color) - Swimwear o First garments (1948) were made out of knitted wool  Since wool gives off heat while wet o Speed
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