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Lecture 5

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FSN 101
Julia Scalzo

FSN 101Textiles IWeek 5 11th Ed TextChapter 12 Pages 255289 Key Terms Fabric a pliable planelike structure that can be made into 2 or 3d products that require some shaping and flexibilityBalancedthe ratio or warp yarns to filing yarns in a fabricGrain refers to the geometry or position of warp yarns relative to fillingweft yarnsRibs in fabric can be produced by increasing the reed pressure pushing more yarns into the same are or by changing yarn sizeRip stop Basket weave made w 2 or more adjacent warps controlled by the same harness and w 2 or more fillings placed in the same shed Iridescent taffeta like ginghamsbut made or filament fibres warp and weft yarns are of different coloursth Satin weaveeach warp yarn floats over 4 filling yarns 41 and interlaces with the 5 filling yarn with a progression of interlacing by 2 to the right or the leftBengalinesimilar to faillefine subtle rib w filament yarns and spun filling yarns but it has a slightly more pronounced ribSateenlustrous fabric made of spun yarnsLoomthe machine that weaving is done onSelvagelengthwise selfedge of a fabric more tightly woven edge of fabricBowedoccurs when the filing yarns dip in the center of the fabricMadras Skewedoccurs when the filing yarn is at an angle other than 90 degrees to the warpCalicopercale w small quaint printed designMonks cloth Slippageoccurs when one set of yarns gets pushed to one side and exposes the yarns that are normally coveredChambraymay look like a solid colour but is yarndyed with white filing and dyedwarp yarnsOrgandysheerest cotton fabric made with combed yarns Sheerness and crispness are the result of an acid finish on lawn gray goods Prone to wrinklingTweed made from any fibre or blend and is always characterized by novelty yarns with nubs of different coloursTwill weaveeach warp or filling yarn floats across 2 or more filling or warp yarns with a progression of interlacing by one to the right or left forming a distinct diagonal like called a wale
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