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In Fashion Chapter 12 Outline

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

So you want to be in Fashion? (Chapter 12) FASHION AUXILIARY SERVICES OFFERED BY THE MEDIA Advertising: magazines, newspapers, radio, television Publicity: free and voluntary mention of a firm, product, or person in the media. Purpose = enhance public interest about the particular subject Public Relations: like publicity, but designed to enhance a long term goal Visual Merchandising: includes the arrangement and presentation of merchandise in store windows and on the selling floor. TIMELESS TREASURES – Diane Von Furstenberg Pg. 290 SUMMARY AND REVIEW - Pg. 296 Lecture Bata Shoe Museum - 15 000 shoes at the Bata The History of Western Footwear th 15 Century - Leather soles - Elongated shoes (armor) – for riding horses only - Broadmouth shoe - Chopeins: elevated shoes, taller woman, Venice - High heel – early 17 hundreds, replaces the chopein 18 Century - Dangerous to be rich - Ballet flat - Queen Victoria: adelode boot (covers up the ankle) 1950s - Saddleshoe – precursor to the sneaker Sustainability and Fashion Sustainable Fashion Exists with 3 Concepts: 1. Environmental 2. Economical 3. Social Why Sustainable Fashion? - Fashion is one of the largest ind
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