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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

Intro to Fashion Lecture Week 12 Barbara Atkin VP of Fashion Direction at Holt RenfrewTrend forecasting fashion directionThere is no crystal ball at all ever to forecasting You have to keep your eye on the customer You just have to watch the customer Successful marketers designers and forecasters answer the needs of the customers Cater to the carriage tray those people that could afford the luxuryAlways keep in mind core valuesSpringSummer 2013 Fashion ForecastSeasons really dont matter at the endIn the buying world it is about the deliveries happening in the design worldo Were talking more and more to the customers in the now We need to be the safety net to the entire company because we start the thinking processFashion Forecast A High Level Thought starterTo guide senior executives buyers marketersTo identify incoming outgoing and on going trendsTo explain the forecasts behind a trendTo express the corporate objective through timely themes edited merchandise selections and focused marketing initiatives that will result is in a profit You need to look at big long term trendsLove to shop mixed gendersFashion Forecast Books consist ofName of themeSilhouette focusColourFabricPrintpatternDetailsKey items of the seasonThe fashion forecast becomes a live documentInitial Forecast Presentation May 2012 Trend Forecast Theme 1 The Great GatsbyGetting dressed upWhite grey pastel green How do we merchandise it so it becomes an interesting story for the customerLook at street style abstract figurative wallpaper inspired surreal photo print textured soft floralsNeed to make sure all of the things that were looking at stand outTheme 2 Retro RioSexiness
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