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Lecture 5

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Ryerson University
FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

Intro to Fashion Week 5 LectureWEEK 5 NEXT CLASS MIDTERM 20 FINAL GRADE Midterm exam 46pm 34pm room set upcomputer scan sheets on desks with your name books coats electronics in the front of the roomBring student IDpencileraserMCmatching questions samples on BlackboardChap 123711all special features ie everything old is new againAll speakersSee midterm info posted on Blackboard this week breakdown of topicsof questions etcReturn Interview papers Speaker Anika Kozlowski APA powerpoint will be postedStores Appendix Bin chart formportrait or landscapelist chart in information on the project briefevaluation sheetbullet or point form easier to readmarkif taking photos inside the store you must ask permissiontake notes outside the store look at colors prints etclist all daywear dress styles see fashion sketchbook andpr fashion terms on BBlist color ways throughout the storeNOTE Fashion Sketchbook is the only textbook you can reference in your paperone daywear dress from your storesketch or photo or download websiteimagestylesdetailsdress information brand price country of origin and colorsfabrics fiber content care instructionsdoesnt have to be made of same fabric as your own daywear dressPLUSvisuals of stores interiorexterior ads website etcDr Lafrenz will be marking the 85 points paper and appendices
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