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Lecture 5

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

Week 5: Intro to Fashion - Midterm exam is on chapters 1,2,3,7,11 (All special features, everything old is new again) - 45 questions - midterm info posted on Blackboard this (break down of topics, # of questions) APA - apa guide can be found at chapters - publication manual of APA - owl purdue website is helpful - you need credible soures (books, experts on the subject, interview professionals, journal articles, documentaries) - NO WIKIPEDIA - minimum ten sources - Three must be written (library, floor 6 and 10) - don’t use the in fashion - this can include interviews, museum visits, websites, stores - Everything must be cited - use 12 point font - need a title and page number - must be double spaced, 12 pt times new roman - not belonger than 8 - title is not a page - 1 inch margins - when alatering information in a direct quote use square brackets - use three dots when removing information - wgsn is a corporate author - an appendix is what you cant fit into your paper - each appendix is on a separate page - distinguish by letter (appendix a, appendix b) - the report is informal Stores Appendix B - In chart form - Portrait or landscape - List chart in information on the project brief - Bullet or point form - If taking photos inside the store you must ask permission - Take notes outside the store Chart - list all daywear dress styles - list color ways throughout the store (see fashion terms or fashion sketchbook) - fashion sketchbook is the only textbook you can reference in your paper - brands are for all daywear dresses - price is the range for all dresses Stores - must have one day wear dress from your store - sketch the photo, fiber content and care instructions are important - dress information( brand, price, country of origin and colors) - details and styles are necessar - include visuals - use entire 8 pages - do refer to appendicies - do use stats Canada - do write in 1 or 3 rd - do refer to the evaluation sheets - do utilize lu ann franzs office hours - Do not use contracions Lecture Generational Market - Targets
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