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Art History Lecture Week 11.docx

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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

Art History Lecture Week 11Gentile da Fabriano Adoration of the Magi 1423 1327 vs January 1414 1230 Foreshortening in JanuaryMasaccio 1425 1324Artists used certain types of symbols so that you know what the story isAngels with swords symbolize an expulsion from EdenDramatic in facial expressions communicating sadnessNaturalism in terms of understanding how they must have feltPsychologically naturalisticGiotto Arena Chapel ca 1305 vs Massaccio 1425Right Stronger sense of light dark and formRealisticFigures are natural and flowLeft Less valuePositions of figures are stiff and not realisticPiero 1346 52 vs Fra Angelico Annunciation 1440 1349Right Gothic style o Virgin looks very sweet o Very medievalLeft New style of architecture based on classical models o Contrapasto knee is shown through dress o Virgin looks bossyMantegna Dead Christ 1500 1317Strong foreshorteningDonatello David 1430 1440 1329 vs Verrochio David Early 1470s 1337 Left limbs are bended and curvedMore feminineDonatello St Mark 14110 1415 1328 vs Claus Sluter Moses 13951329 vs 1360Botticelli Birth of Venus 1480 1359 Botticelli similaritiesVery whimsicalHair has distinctive wave similar colorsPear shaped womenLong torsosSubject matter have to do with GreekRoman mythologySexualityFabric is diaphanous Complicated lines
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