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FSN132 Art History Lecture Week 10.docx

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Ryerson University
FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

FSN132 Art History Lecture Week 10Pisano Nativity Pulpit Pisa 1259 122 vs Visitation Reims Cathedral 1225 1135ContrapastoGathers in the center reminds us of what goes on underneath the draperyStiffer heavier fabric on leftFiner fabric will fall in smaller drapes on rightNaturalisticPisano Nativity Pulpit Pisa 1259 122 vs Ara Pacis 139 BC 731Philip I of France 1250 1136 vs Life of Saint Denis 1317 1137Examples of Gothic manuscripts illuminationPisano vs Philip I of FranceThe drapery and clothing is differentThere are lines being used inside drapery and that is not naturalistic Philip I of FranceThe proportions of bodies tend to be elongated whereas Classical proportions are much more normal International Gothic Style Martini St Louis Altarpiece 1317 1222 vs Life of Saint Denis 1317 1137Right simplified forms revealed through light and shade monks rope represents povertyLeft more about details very beautiful fabric foreshortening not as evident three dimensional form more naturalisticLimbourg Brothers Annunciation 14131416 1229 vs Life of Saint Denis 1317 1137Left indication of space details are sing modeling consistent style International style in terms of colorJewellike colorsLike stained glass windowsDecorativeGiotto does not belong in international style why notDoes not contain bright colorsProportionLimbourg Bothers January Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry 1230Indication of space in backgroundModeling with light and shadowMartini Annunciation 1333 1225 vs Giotto 1310 124Giottos line is as decorative as Martini NoProportions are different much more normal in Giottos artDecorative qualitiesThrone is elaborate
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