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Ryerson University
FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

FSN132 History of Art I Lecture 2Review from Lecture 1In Mesopotamian sculptures that represent human heads The eyebrows are very large and beards are stylizedHoles in eyes represent jewels were put in them217221 Hierarchical proportions Proportionscale Perspective 112114 Full view of antlers always illustrates full view of most important feature even though it may not be proportionateChauvet cave 30 000 BCThe artist is putting them closer together in the way that you may actually see them NaturalismEgypt Chronology Simplified Predynastic 5450 2649 BC Old Kingdom 2649 1991 BC Middle Kingdom 1991 1550 BCNew Kingdom 1550 1070 BCAmarna 1349 1336 Palette of Narmer ca 3100 BC Adams 312 Hierarchical proportion Smaller figures are placed in the background Register lines common in Egyptian art Narmer united upper and lower Egypt together Falcon is symbolic representation of Narmer Representation of Lower Egypt being dominated by Higher Egypt Figures at bottom of art are figures that are deceased Stacked up bodies on back of sculpture are beheadedStep Pyramid of King Zoser 2630 2611 BC Adams 311 Pyramids had funerary districts built around them Mummification occurs because Egyptians felt the need to put away their spirits along with the deceased body
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