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Lecture 4

FSN132 History of Art Lecture Week 4.docx

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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

FSN132 History of Art Lecture Week 4Week 3 ReviewstThe battle of Issos from the house of Faun Pompeii 1 century BC steer an original Greek fresco of ca 300 BC 51315Review of Sculpture Polykleitos ca 440 BC 525Lysippos ca 320 BC 563Proportion525 is less broad 563 is more harmonious wide arms wide stance557567 Similarities both headless from result of accident gestures leaning forward drapery same material skintight naturalistic shows you that the body us responding to whatever it is that they are doingDifferences 567 is more powerful more energetic in motion more dramaticHellenistic vs ClassicalPraxiteles Aphrodite of Knidos 350 BC 562 Aphrodite of Milos Venus de Milo 150125 BC 568 Pergamon Acropolis with Altar of Zeus 57374Figures are turning and twistingMore variedBattle is occurring Facial expressions are more variedThe individuals are doing very individualistic thingsStrong diagonals and verticalsMuch more compelling as a story Parthenon 552554 Classical orders are still used in both Repeating over and overAll connectedMetrope from the temple of Olympia ca 470456 540In classical sculpture it is a good thing to not be dramatic and warped upGreat deal of reserveMesopotamian stylized beard men wear skirts straight standing pose
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