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FSN 132
Luann Lafrenz

CHAPTER 10: Global Sourcing and Merchandising Market: place where goods are produced and sold at wholesale prices to store buyers Market center: city where fashion is produced and sold at wholesale prices Mart: building or complex of buildings that houses a wholesale market that is an exhibition of fashions ready to be sold Market week: week when market centers and marts are filled with producers and designers who exhibit their new lines Trade shows: periodic exhibits scheduled throughout the year in market centers and marts (smaller than market weeks) Sales representatives: hired to travel to stores and buyers to show line Buyer’s directory: directory to help buyer’s find their way around and schedule events they want to attend New York Market -NYC is leading in market center (considered most dynamic and creative) -advantages: -buyers can shop not only market, but also department and boutiques -many national and international flagship designer stores -NYC hub of fashion network Regional Market Centers -retailers attending NYC market less and less to attend regional, closer markets (less travel cost and less time) -Los Angeles: much of look and style revolves around casual lifestyle -CaliforniaMart: nation’s largest apparel market -Dallas Market: very southwestern style (handcrafted clothes or look hand crafted, bright, vibrant colours) -Miami Market: mostly Latino and Caribbean flavor (lively colours and style) -known for outstanding selection of childrenswear U.S. Trade Shows -trade shows are held in market centers throughout the year -sponsored by trade associates: professional organizations and sales representatives -trade shows usually smaller than mart shows and lasts 2-4 days -buyers from boutiques usually find trade shows best outlet because it is known for displaying unusual, unique merchandise -disadvantage is that exhibitors are limited in number Foreign Fashion Markets Haute couture: high fashion, prestige and luxury clothing Pret-a-porter: french for ready-to-wear France -France first emerged because of Louis XIV (aka Sun King) for lavish clothing -couture house: apparel firm where designer creates original designs and styles -couturier: the owner or designer
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