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Lecture 2

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FSN 132
Maria Piccioni

FSN 223 Fashion Cycles, Symbols, and Flows The New Face of Eating Disorders - men What is theory? - There are many different lens, colours, to understand a phenomenon o No one will see one, through the same pair (so many different angles) What are fashion cycles and flows? - @DrBenBarry, name theory, #FSN223 - Trickle down o Fashion trends start among the elite or fashion leader and move down to the masses or fashion followers o Theory was introduced by Thorstein Veblen, saw a visible class of wealthy people who could afford all different kinds of products, lower class would then make/buy products that looked similar to emulate (thought this as a general idea) o Conspicuous consumption – buy items to display wealth o George Simmel – linked the theory to fashion this to elite/wealthy wanted to differentiate themselves from the rest, the lower class wanted to look like the upper class, as soon as the lower class caught on the upper class would adopt new fashion (imitation vs. differentiation) o Grant McCracken – Todays society is not as ridged with wealth, its no longer the upper class people emulate but the people with power - Fashion leaders today o Celebrities, musicians, people in public eye, blogs, fashionistas - Trickle-up o Fashion trends starts among the masses (youth, sun culture) and move upward to the fashion leaders and elites o Clothes take on a different meaning when they trickle up, the identity attached to the item before, with the masses, changes to stylishness and nowness when it is shown on the runway o Status float phenomenon – cultural tension, sexual rev., identity politics, people no longer identified themselves with a certain class but instead with movements – demonstrate their allegence to a movement, elite would take on the style, and then the sub cultural group would move on/drop the style o Ted Polhemus – talked about street style before their was street style (Street Style from the street to the runway – book) o Example – denim (levis – army – motorcycles – cowboys – now in high fashion) Vivieene Westwood (punk – brought it to her collections – self identified) o Bloggers to magazines – mags now have street style sections similar to blogs o How does the internet change the trickle up theory?  New styles can pop up anywhere and can been seen any where  Need in fashion to focus on one trend or one type of look  Has street style been co-opted by the fashion elite? The blogs are dominated by the fact that the photographers go to events where many fashion elites will be – people are dressing up, no longer street style – designers lend out clothes - Trickle across o Fashion moves horizontally from fashion lead
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