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Lecture 3: Ancient Greece

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Ryerson University
FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

Ancient Greece (Adams chapter 5) September 19, 2013 Last Lectures Review Portraits of Hatshepsut: has a beard, women (has breasts), beard for attribute, symbolic significances, Zoser’s funerary Complex 2630 b.c. Reed construction - houses made with reeds - no structural significances -stone construction: holding things up Marcus Aurelius A.D. 164 7.48 Cavaralyn tomb of emperor Qin, 221-206 BC 2.11 - Only equestrian sculpture if a human is on it History starts with Facts -minoans traded with Mesopotamians and ehtians, Minoans things found in these regions five us secure approximate dates -something terrible happened to crete (probs an earth quake) around 1450 -afterwards language and script used on crete changed and becomes the land and script used by the Mycenaean’s th -economy partially recovers but is in severe decline in 13 century b.c. (material evidence) Mycenaean Culture - 1600-1100 BC it was thriving at the same time as Minoan culture, but did not experience a disaster about 1450 - They did dominate Minoan culture after the disaster - Mycenaean art looks a lot like Minoan art, which means there is obvious cultural contact, but the precise Vapheio cup, 16 c. BC 4.28 Stele of Hammurabi ca. 1792-1750 B.C 2.21 Palette of Narmer, ca. 3100 B.C. 3.1&2 Both… - side profile - Stylized beards (Mesopotamian) Palette of Narmer, ca. 3100 BC 3.2&2 Nebamum Hunting birds 1390-1352 BC 3.35 Knossos: Toreador Gresco ca. 1300 4.6 (Minoan) Nebamum Hunting Birds 1390-1352 BC 3.35 (Egyptian) Both… - color palette -no depth -no indication of place -colors are solid (flat image) -eyes -side profiles but Knossos has better depth (shoulders) - Knossos curvier Tutankhamon’s romb, as discovered - had dishes, chairs items essential for everyday (in the after life) “Mask of Agamemmnon” ca. 1500 BC 4.26 Tutankhamon’s mask ca. 1327 B.C. 3.41 Both… -emphasis on facial hair - both came from tomb - cultural form can move Greek Art IMPORTANT TERMS IN THE ORDER THEY WILL BE USED IN LECTURE 3:GREEK ART  Amphora  Kylix  Black figure pottery  Red figure pottery  Bilingual Vases  Tesserae  Kouros  Kore  Contrapposto  Canon of Polykleitos  Greek concept of symmetry  Acropolis  Pedimental sculpture Greek Art: stylistic period simplified bb Geometric 1000-700 bc Orientalizing 700-600 bc Archaic 600-480 bc Classical 480-323 bc Hellenistic 323- 31 bc Greek Gods and Roman counter parts Adams p 135 - Greek and romans have different names for their gods ex) Greek: Aphrodite/ Venus :Roman - Romans names are used in renaissance and baroque Adams p 137 the most important are: (d): amphora : storage of wine (e) kylix th Geometric amphora 8 century BC (geometric) 5.3 -used as grave marks -very geometrical - human figures reduced to geometric form Polyphemos Painter: Amphora with neck showing the blinding of Polyphemos 675- 650 BC (Orientalizing) 5.4 - Reference to east - greek mythology -polyphemos being blinded - black figure but no scratching Exekias: Amphora showing Achilles and Ajax playing a board game 540-530 BC- Black figure (archaic) BC 5.5 -normal color of painter is “red” - when fires it turns black and background shows -wearing armors -scratches it to make marks on the black to the red clay - we know who did it ! (he signed it ) not very usual : proud of his accomplishment -not gods but heroes from the war -shows naturalistic cause it doesn’t show shoulder on one person which is a development from previous art (had no depth) -understand th
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