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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

WEEK 8>  Romanesque and Gothic Architecture and Sculptural Decoration in Northern Europe (Adams 10 & 11) ESSAY: -Owl Purdue wordiness -Email thesis statement for approval -into lib catalogue & into art store -j store (journal storage) BYZANTINE: VIRGIN AND CHILD, COMMODIA CATACOMB ROME, 528[ 8.37] VS VIRGIN AND CHILD, Hosios Lucas, Greece ca. 1020 [8.41]  SIMILAR: wearing gold robes, Mary wearing dark clothes in both, wearing halos in both (come from Roman tradition of power), both on thrones, pointing at the child in both, positioning of the head (staring straight out), Byzantine art (not telling a story, stating a fact)  DIFFERENCES: PARTHENON 438 B.C. [5.47 & 5.55] vs BASILICA OF CONSTANTINE 306-312 [7.5]  Classical, Hellenistic, Roman: all very strongly naturalistic art  Constantine: naturalism & estranged proportion & distortion , art after him tends to be abstract LION SYMBOL OF ST.JOHN BOOK OF DURROW c.650-700 [9.22] vs. BOOK OF KELLS, TUNE CRUCIXISSERANT, ca 800 [9.23]  SIMILARTIES: simple secondary/primary colours used, use of patterns (two dimensional), animal/creature in each, no sense of a location,  DIFFERENCES: writing on the kells, kells is more visually complex & varied partterns & a symmetrical & emphasis on line “T” SCARAMENTARY OF SAINT-SAVEUR DE FIGEAE 11 THc. [10.26]  (Compare to above)  Complex patterns, interlace, no border, organic shapes, representation of vines,  Basic evolution over this period: naturalism evolving again medieval art over time becomes more naturalistic ALL MADE BETWEEN 780-850 (Middle Ages) [9.27] & [9.28] & [9.31]  9.31 more classical than anything we’ve ever seen before because they went back and looked at old bibles WHY: looking @ bibles b/c bibles written in Latin, go back to classical bibles to understand  9.31 in bad shape, suggestion of 3D form  9.27 theres gold, 2D, similar to Byzantine, gesture of Christ, looking at Byzantine bibles  9.28 the psalms = finished, simply drawing, drawing & text made with the same materials (ink) and instrument (pen); much closer to the sensibility of the average & ordinary artist; rejoice in the movement & rhythm throughout ST GIRL WITH A STYLUS POMPEII, 1 CENTURY A.D vs VIRGIN AND CHILD HOSIOS LOUKAS, GREECE ca.1020 [8.41] vs CHRIST BLESSING GODESCALE “T” SCARAMENTARY OF SAINT SAVE [10.26] vs. [9.3] vs [9.38]  line throughout all  9.38 angry god & mad man, in the Garden of Eden ROMANESQUE ART IN GENERAL: 1000-mid 12 centuryish ROMANESQUE ARCHITECTURE: 1000-1144 PILGRIMAGE ROUTE TO SANTIAGO DA COMPOSETLA  wealth comes from trade  ppl can trade from distances  pilgrimage Road churches , the church plans & sculptures are to benefit the pilgrams TERMS: -relics/reliquary >something associated w/ a holy person or parts of the cross that Christ was crucified on -tympanum -trumeau -jamb sculptures -tapestry/embroidery -book of hours RELIQUARY STATUE OF ST.FOY, LATE 10 -11 TH THCENTURIES [10.4]  gold & jewel decorations  drapery doesn’t hang in any interesting way  proportions are okay but no gestures being made STAVELOT TRIPTYCH 1156-1158 [10.1 & .2]  Alter piece (goes with altar behind it during the mass, the wine and bread and they change into the body and blood of Christ at mass, and the ppl consume it)  With hinges, opens and closes  Constantine (Roman emerpor) made Christianity a legal religion (WASN’T ACCEPTED BY ROMAN EMPIRE) ; night before going into battle, in his dream angel came to him and showed him a cross, and said you will be victorious if you go into battle with the cross, then he decided it should become legalized CHRISTIAN STORIES -annunciation -visitation -crucifixion (all described in textbook pp. 259 & 260) -last judgement (described on pp. 360-363) PRINCIPAL MONUMENTS (SEE PICTURE) ABBOT DURAN, SAINT-PIERRE, MOISSAC 10
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