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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

WEEK 10>  Painting & Sculpture in the 15 Century PISANO: NATIVITY, PULPIT, PISA 1259 [12.2] VISITATION, REIMS CATHEDRAL 1225 [11.35] INTERNATIONAL GOTHIC STYLE: >MARTINI: ST. LOUIS ALTARPIECE 1317 [12.22]  Indication of light and shadow consistent (increasing naturlism)  More depth  More/better fabric  Clear Italian influences VS LIFE OF SAINT DENIS 1317 [11.37] (not so Gothic) MARTINI: ANNUNCIATION 1333 [12.25] GIOTTO: ANNUNCIATION 1310 [12.4] LIMBOURG BROTHERS: TRÉS RICHES HEURES DE DUC DE BERRY 1413-1416 [12.30]  Rich visual experience (patter, colours, etc) >ANNUNCIATION [12.29] >JANUARY [12.30] >CHARTRES 13 THCENTURY LORENZETTO, GOOD AND BAD GOV’T, PALAZZO PUBBLICO. SIENNA 1348[12.20]  Displays what the town would be like if the government is good  No danger, trade; city is growing WHICH IS SCARIER? >AUTUN, 11.20-1135 [10.20-.22] >GIOTTO, 1305 [12.9]  Realize the naturlism PETRACH 1304-1374  Dante: Divine Comedy 1321  Boccaccio: Decameron begun 1349 BUBONIC PLAGUE OR BLACK DEATH 1348  Disease transmitted through rats  Spread throughout Europe  Everything stops for decades GIOTTO: MADONNNA ENTHRONED 1310 [12.4]  Life and shadow  3d form  TH PAINTING & SCULPTURES IN THE 15 CENTURY >Present day Florence GENTILE DA FABRIANO: ADORATION OF THE MAGI 1423 [13.27]  Shows the Virgin, the Child horses  Busy/ Exciting  Similar to Giotto 3D form  Similar decorations to Limbourg brothers  Linear or scientific perspective (picture plane, vanishing point, orthogonals)  Atmospheric or aerial perspective  Chiaroscuro, modeling in light and shadow  The concept of “monumentality”  For altarpieces: diptych, triptych, polyptycH  Methodology** “Humanism” YELLOW BOX PG 466 >It means the revival of classical learning and scholarship not just for their own sake. “Man” is “rational, [and is] capable of achieving dignity, intellectual excellence ad high ethical standards by means of a Classical education” GIANOZZO MANETTI >Florentine humanist, described “man” thus: “how great and wonderful is the dignity of the human body; secondly, how loft and sublime the human soul, and finally how great and illustrious is the excellence of man himself made up of these two part” MASACCIO HOLY TRINITY, 1425 [13.20 & .21]  Atmospheric depth, lines perpendicular to the picture plane  Determine varnishing point UCCELLO: PERSPECTIVE DRAWING OF A CHALICE. C. 1430-40 [13.16]  When computer programming came out, engineers would compare the software to these dimensions MANTEGNA: DEAD CHRIST, 1500 [13.17]  Head huge compared to rest of the body REVIVAL OF ROMAN ART AND ANTIQUE SUBJECT MATTER Masaccio: Holy Trinity, 1425 [13.2]  Returning to classical architecture  Few indications of gothic and classical EQUESTRIAN STATUE OF THE ROMAN EMPEROR: MARCUS AURELIUS. AD 164-66 [7.68]  Equestrian man on a horse DONATELLOW: GATTAMELATA, 1445-1450 [13.43]  Important military people on horse VERROCHIO: COLLEONI, 1481-96 [13.46] FLORENCE CATHEDRAL:  UCCELLO: SIR JOHN HAWKWOOD, 1436, [13.41] o Celebration of an acomplisment PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA: BATTISTA SFORZA AND FEDERICO DA MONTEFELTRO, 1475 [13.47] o Double portrait o 3d form, high degree of naturalism in terms of the drapery o very powerful ppl, in control of the land o profile view tells us that they are rulers of the land BOTTICELLO: BIRTH OF VENUS, 1480 [13.59]  nude  representation of a venus figure  clear representation of a private commission LEON BATTISTA ALBERTI, On Painting, 1435  First treatise on the theory of painting o Explanation of linear perspective o Appropriate formal devices and compositions for different subjects o Renaissance artists describe this as invention SACRIFICE OF ISAAC, 1401  Ghiberti [13.3]  Brunelleschi [13.2] GHIBERTI: GATES OF PARADISE 1424-1452 [13.10=.12]  Entrance to heaven GHIBERTI: MEETINF OF SOLOMON AND SHEBA.. 1450-52 [13.10]  Suggests perspective  Naturalistic drapery  Complex poses  Focal point is below the varnishing point PERSONAL STYLE GIORGIO VASARI. THE LIVES OF THE MOST EXCELLENT PAINTERS, SCULPTORS AND ARCHITECTS 1550 (PG 470, yellow box) MASACCIO: Branacci Chapel, Florence 1425 [13.22-.24]  Died at 27  Most important piece of this time  Somebody else finished it
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