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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

ART HISTORY LEC WEEK 10 Painting andSculpture in the15th Century <4 Rules for better essay> - avoid the painfully obvious fact - avoid fancy words when they are not necessary. - parallel structure: correct parallel structure means choosing a verb form sticking with it in any kind of list(Present tense past tense match IN SENTENCE) - Dangling modifiers - cannot use "truthy" statement - explain the vague thing and resolve that you can ------------------------------------- 8.37- 528 8.41- 1020 - symbols ,form similar, byzantine, convention representation fixed 10.21 1120- stone, 10.35-.37 1070- embroidery,armor(simple pattern) - narrative (convey story), use of pattern(line), figures look elongated why do they want to make it more naturalistic? 12.2 1259- Italy- increasing naturalism 11.35 1225 - costume (roman clothes)- looking at roman art: artists go back to roman art 12.2 1259- drape looks more stiffer 7.31 13-9 b.c - more naturalism, more complex, finer variation 12.2 125 7.33 113-smaller figures 11.36 1250- 12.2 1259- copy classical example - moving to great natural 12.22 1317- international gothic style, fabric fancier(decoration)= naturalism, indication of shadow, more depth, architecture(niche), modeling of face, king is big= important, 11.37 1317- not so much- no sense of depth, no modeling on face 12.29 1413-1416- =more naturalism 12.30 -- costume, complexity of pose vs Chartres 13th century - basic primary colors (red, blue,yellow,,), pure,saturated color 12.30 1413-1416- richer visual. pattern color Giotto: resurrection 1305- compare,, extremely plain,didn't mind the limitation of media(took the advantage: focus on event,wants to tell a tory= sympathize with woman), more emotional experience 12.20 1348- why naturalism is good?- convincing to us virtue is always representing beautiful woman= people's desire 12.25 1333 international gothic style- much more decoration, pretty wing.coy pose 12.4 1310 (Giotto no fits anywhere, very unique)- telling basically as is 10.20-.22 1120-1135 12.9 1305- more scary, understand the story much more convincingly, convincing core FLORENCE 13.27 1423 - really busy, full of excitement, 13.27 1423- all details, more proportional, foreshortening 12.30 1414 12.8 1305 12.3 1280- byzantine tradition, 3/5 profile 12.4 1310 - lightening shadow Masaccio 1426- powerful modeling shadow, know where the light is coming from, back to Giotto with more resources,foreshortening 12.4 1310- blue pigment looks black, not obvious light, start off the naturalism - linear or scientific perspective 9picture plane, vanishing point, orthogonal) - atmospheric or aerial perspective -chiaroscuro, modeling in light and shadow -the concept of "monumentality" for a
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