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Lecture 8

IRH Lecture 8 - Italian Medieval Architecture and 14th cent

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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

Lecture 8 Nov 9 thItalian Medieval Architecture and 14 cent art How the one piece relates to the style and components that go into style o The other piece is how it relates o Compare and contrast and analyze 11361137Romanesqueround arches o Distinguishes the 2 phases of architecture o French gothic cathedrals important gothic stylesGothic spreads from France to eng germ italy spainGothic o Stained glass rose window o Pointed arches o Verticality o Buttresseso Gothic arches stretch o Radiating chapels o Transcept o Choir o Vaulting o Barrel vaults o Rib groin vaults o St Foy o 1050 o First gothic buildingSt Denis o Apsealtar o Buldgeschapleso Ambulatoryo Buttresses vs flying buttresses Amiens o 12201269simple vs simplistic o simplenot done up o simplisticrefers to ideasto reduce a complex problem and over simplify itLady chaples o For virgin mary114547 o ca 12201148
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