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Lecture 7

IRH Lecture 7 - Romanesque and Gothic Painting and Sculpture in the North

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Ryerson University
FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

Lecture 7 Romanesque and Gothic Painting and Sculpture in the North Nov 2 2011Essay not a research paper Go into artSTOR Stylistic and formal analysis What to expect to period does object conform to expectations Explain and demonstrate knowledge and understandingOxford art online read textbook 71112 o ca 98117 o Basilica Ulpia 867 o Old St Peters Rome o 330390both have nave and ailes entrance faces apse open rafters and flat wooden roof wooden coffers arched roofs are stoneconcrete93436 o St Michaels Hildensheimo Ca 1000 o Apse on the ground flooro Transepto Chapels come out onto ground floor distinguished in floor plan o Ambulatory 10311 o SainteFoy Conques France o 10501125 o Elaboration of east end in churches where apse isReligious experience is important o What are people getting out of it o Religion evolves and emphasizes one thingIdea of pilgrimage was a big dealOnly possible after ca 1000Pilgrimage road churcheso 835Romanesque vs Gothic churches o Roman arches vs pointed arches o Structural and esthetically appealing 113234 o Reims o Free standing sculpture 8 feet hight
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