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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

9/14/2012 9:50:00 AM Art History September 7 2012 [email protected] when emailing, subject : FSN 132 office hours fridays after 3 HB pencil to midterm & final (multiple choice) Francisco Goya, Chronos Devouring His Children Raphael, Marriage of the Virgin (Italy 1504) Perugino, Christ Giving the Keys to Saint Peter (Vatican 1481) Why did Raphael take inspiration from Perugino? artistic competition Raphael's colours more vibrant changed context simplified background shapes less distinct = less distracting transformed building to have symbolic significance Perugino's imbalance of followers and background on either side direction of faces do not draw attention to Christ and St. Peter figures in background more distracting to understand art we must understand context (narrative, symbolism, materials, techniques, composition, style) message (what the artist is trying to convey) The Buli Master “Prestige Stool”, 19 Century, Democratic Republic of Congo, Wood, Metal studs women cared for children; they would “sit” on their mothers elongated large fingers and stubby legs for functionality Adams 5.40 Athena, Herakles, andAtlas, the GoldenApples of Hesperides Greece, Early Classical, 480-457 BC woman is shown doing very little work Art of Pre-History in Europe and Middle East: (old) Upper Palaeolithic: 50,000-10,000 BC (mid) Mesolithic: 8,000-6,000 BC (new) Neolithic: 6,000-4,000 BC lithic = “stone tools” these time periods were broken down because the evolving cultures Palaeolithic people did not settle; they were travellers Mesolithic people started settling; period of changes Neolithic people settled; was a period of agriculture Willendorf, Lascaux, Stonehenge Adams 1.1 palaeolithic, moveable = small fatness = eating well = wealth features associated with childbearing are large arms are resting on breasts (lol) Adams 1.12 cave paintings found in many cultures very complicated; not decorations many underground, where people did not live- why? walls were used in natural state, painted with all natural materials has naturalistic elements but shows two horns because thats how you should see it Adams 1.13 simplified forms characteristics of Chinese ink paintings 3-D qualities Adams 1.14 conceptual – do not like overlapping of antlers Adams 1.23 neolithic, built over a long period of time required many people calendar (lunar and solstice)
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