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Fashion, The Body and Identity II 1. From Identity to Identities - Black women and hair - People with disabilities and fashion - Gay men and body image 2. Queering Identities Intersectionality – Kimberle Crenshaw – 1989 1. Our identity is multidimensional 2. Our identity is comprised of all our different identity categories 3. Each identity category intersects and interacts to form our complete identity The Politics of Hair – Angela Davis People with Disabilities – Izzy Camilleri - Designer with clothes for people with disabilities Gay Men and Body Image Queering Identities Queer Theory: - Contests fixed and binary identity categories - - Male or female - - Homosexual Relationships or Heterosexual Relationship - Challenges that one identity category is naturally connected to another - - Idea that if you’re male, your gender is masculine. If you’re female, your gender is feminine, but both sexes can be either gender Wardrobe Assignment: Close Reading – Stage 1 Description 1. What can you observe about the object? - Physical observation of the objects - What it is - The trim, fabric, label. - What time period? - Care labels, measuring tape, magnifying glass - How is it fastened? - Purely the physicality of the object Close Reading Stage 2 Deduction 1. Interpret your interaction with the object 2. Engage in sensory experience 3. What would the object be like to wear? 4. How does the object compare to others? - The experience between you and the object Close Reading Stage 3 Speculation 1. Relate the object to history, society, culture 2. Ask questions and use research to answer 3. What does the object say about…? (what does the garment say about a larger societal or cultural issue? Part 1: Introduction and Close Read
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