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FSN 221

Fashion & Popular Culture 1. Fashionn Culture Debate 2. Pressure of Fashion Design 3. Power of Stylists 4. Rethinking Fashion Blogging Grant McCracken – Meaning Transfer Culturally Constitued World (Advertising, Fashion) to – Consumer Goods (Rituals) to – Individual Consumer Roles of the Fashion System – Grant McCracken 1. Transfer meaning from culture to goods 2. Invents new cultural meaning a. Designers b. Journalists/Social Observers Pressure of Fashion Design Cathy Horyn – The New York Times Fashion Cycle 1. Conceptual idea of theme 2. Design collection 3. Select fabric 4. Make samples 5. Outsource manufacturing 6. Obtain exposure and marketing 7. Retail 8. Evaluate success and earnings 9. Begin planning for next season Power of Stylists “The stylist is the person who frames the setting, clothes, hair styling, make- (craik – 268) Three Roles of Stylists: 1. Choreograph presentation of garment 2. Enhance desirability and attraction 3. Engage is all aspects of project Rethinking Fashion Blogging Lisa Tant - Started own freelance career in Vancouver - “Don’t look at something as “I don’t want to do that” – look at the
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