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FSN 221

1. Authoritative Politics 2. Anti Establishment Politics 3. Identity Politics 4. Industry Politics Auhtoriative Politics 1. Mandates fashion as a political statement 2. Clothes achieve political control 3. Imposed by an institution or regime Anti-Establishment Politics 1. Group seeking politcal/cultural changr 2. Group takes the form of: a. ideology b. subculture c. political movement Identity Politics 1. Self-identified group 2. Shaped by people's identity categories 3. Group is marginalized and oppressed Industry Politics 1. Politics surrounding fashion issues of: a. production b. distribution c. consumption Model Size Legislation 1. 2006 – Madrid Government 2. 2006 – Italian Government 3. 2008 – French Government 4. 2009 – Quebec Government 5. 2013 – Israeli Government Exam 1. 3hrs. 2. Multiple Choice 3. About 60 question (5-6 per lecture) 4. Lectures and related areas in the textbook 5. Speakers & film (few key dates from the film) 1 – The Fashion Impulse difference between dress and fashion three lengths of fashion that create the fashion impulse fashion beyond consumer culture , black, dragon robes, sumpuality laws 2 – fashion cycles, symbols, and flows trickle down, 3 stages of fashion trickle up/ ted polumious trickle across cultural appropriation, three s test (related) 5 fashion cycles (recycling fashion) 3- fashion and representationnoreen flanngen 3. westeern beauty ideal (size, 4. size and body image 5. reasons why thing models are used 6. race, first black model on vogue 7. reasons why designers are not hiring black models 8.
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