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Lecture 6

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Ryerson University
FSN 223
Maria Piccioni

FSN 223 Liis Plus size model - in the plus size model industry for 19yrs - less influence when she was younger o worked as a receptionist o got a break cause model didn’t turn up one day o 130lbs. was told to big – eat less, work out more o scouted at eaton centre - straight sizing up to size 14 o plus 14-24 or 22  laura plus – worked really well  banana r – discontinued size 16 – left with nothing  talbots – plus size section gone  gap – sizes were off  the bay – no middle sizes  old navy – only online  sears – 90% bathing suits with skirts  h and m – discontinues plus sizes “you can get this in the states” - closest plus size looks – Denmark and the states - before david bridal – no plus sizes - plus sizes – in mag. But a lot of lingerie - started making larger sizes for celebs when Oscars started being nominated for ‘larger’ women - MODE (fashion), GRACE (tried to be fashion but lifestyle), and Figure (lifestyle), LOU LOU (fashion), Slink (fashion UK), just as beautiful (lifestyle UK), beautiful, plus model mag online, MR magazine - Footwear compared to the size of the women sore support - Sketches should represent the customer - What companies do to save money o All straight sizes, no petites or plus or exclusively online o PR using only sample sizes o Only use sizes 0-4 in ads to rep all sizes o Sell set-min sizing groupings - Accessories o Gloves o Hosiery o Belts o Necklaces and bangles
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