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FSN 223

FSN 223 Elise  Plus size model o Worked internationally o Lived in Chicago, Toronto, new york, Miami  Huge gap in stores o Only up to size 14  Went shopping o Laura Plus – worked really well o Banana Republic – discontinued size 16 – left with nothing o Talbots – plus size section gone o Gap – sizes were off o The Bay - no middle size o Old Navy – only online o Sears – 90% bathing suit with skirts o H&M – discontinued plus size; “you can get it in the States”  Closest plus size looks – Denmark and the States  Before David Bridal- no plus sizes  Plus sizes – in magazines, but a lot of lingerie,  Advertising world o All different magazines already showing plus size models  Designers made plus size clothes, but started putting smaller and smaller sized models What Companies Do to “Save Money”  “also available in plus sizes”  “plus sizes available online”  only make small sample sizes for PR usage  use only models 0-4 in ads to rep all size ranges  sell set-minimum size groupings Accessories  gloves  hosiery  belts  necklaces & bangles  footwear  tights Designers  Tadashi Shoji o Roushing  Anna Scholz o Carried in a lot of major stores  Igigi o USA o Sister of the traveling dress  INC o Same line for all sizes (petites, reg, plus size)  Jessica Simpson Curvy Bloggers/sites  Vogue curvy  Marie Denee  Nocolette Mason  Gabi Gregg  Ect What is really needed  Sleek, edgy collections  Junior plus lines  Bathing suits  Designer evening dresses  Wedding dresses- with samples  Accessory lines  Wide calf boot collections  Maternity  Designer coat lines  Winter outerwear Lecture : The Fashion Image and Identity Article : the Circus of Fashion “Judging fashion has become all about me: Look at me wearing the dress! Look at these shoes I have found! Look at me loving this outfit in 15 different images!” “It isn’t good because you like it, it good because you like it. Charles Worth was the first to have runway shows What is the social body?  Our bodies are not natural o As soon as we put on clothes, we produce a different kind of body; the social body  Our bodies are conduits of power o We don’t have freedom to pick o There are rules that are influenced by race, shape, social class etc o Our identities follow these rules; the more we follow these rules we get something called Cultural Capital  Our bodies are more than hangers – its more than that o How we move, how do we interact with the clothing, hair styles? – allows us to perform “Habitus (Marcel Mauss) refers to the specialized techniques and internalized knowledge that equip people to negotiate… different spaces they occupy and roles they perform.” – Craik (2009), 137  Out bodies
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