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Lecture 2

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FSN 232

Concepts and Theories: Week 2 Discussion Article The New face of Eating Disorders Was it surprising to see a rise in men body issues? Yes…there is a different body image for men that they have confidence How do consumers read the fashion image Fashion works on extremes Todays Agenda 1. What is a Theory? 2. What are fashion cycles and flows - Trickle up, down and across - Cultural appropriation 3. How do I interpret fashion? What is a Theory? “A lens to understand a phenomenon” - Each theory represents a different color of lenses in your glasses - One perspective to understand a phenomenon - There is multiple ways to look at it - Understand fashion from multiple perspectives - Try new lenses and understand from different angles Fashion Cycles and Flows “Trickle down Theory” - Fashion trends start among the elite or fashion leaders and move down to the masses or fashion followers - Most documented and oldest theory in fashion - It moves through a class structure - Introduced for Thorstein Veblen, he saw that there was a very visible class whom looked different than the lower class…the upper class could afford the best new stuff but eventually the lower class start to copy them - Driven by the notion, conspicuous consumption…people spend money and they acquire goods to display their wealth - People would display their wealth and then lower people would want to emulate that - Georg Simmel applied this idea to fashion, thorstein looked at it as a general idea - Georg said there were 3 stages: the elite wanted to differentiate from other class, the lower classes copied them so they could appear rich but would happen as soon as the upper class was copied they would change their appearance - Based on imitation and differentiation - This created a cycle - There were two main players: the sources of the fashion ideas (the designers) and the fashion leaders (the wealthy, the elite) - Grant McCraken wrote culture and consumption: he said in todays society its not as rigid based on class structure as it was in the 1800’s…the structure is not based on wealthy people, we need to alter and make changes to this theory - He said its no longer the richest people but the most power and influential, fashion still trickles down - The corset was a good example, a key piece of fashion that created an ideal figure - Very expensive and luxurious, and eventually reproduced for the poor - You don’t have to be the richest but the most powerful - Rick owens to all saints Who are the fashion leaders today? Are some consumer groups excluded from trickle down theory? Plus size consumers are excluded…they don’t have access to the styles Trickle up Theory “fashion Trends start among the masses and move upward to the fashion leaders” - starts at the mass population than goes up to the elites - clothes always take on a different meaning when they trickle up - GA Fields, The status float phenomenon…there was so much shifting, a time of identity politics, people identified themselves by clinging to a movement - Ted Polehums, talked about street style before it exsisted - Street Style (book) - People wanted something that was authentic - In order for a look to become popular it has to be taken up by a designer - One of the key fashion leaders need to introduce the motif from that sub cultural group for it to grow - It is seen very often…seen often with denim especially levis, the denim jacket has been in and out o
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