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FSN 232
Joanne Mc Neish

Fashion Concepts Week 1 Why Study Fashion Theory? - good for research - to think critically, apply different perspectives – for images, clothes, blogs etc – look at things in a new way, not just your perspective Goals: 1. Think Critically About Fashion 2. Use Fashion To Empower and Celebrate (fashion is very powerful, mood, idenitity etc, not always a positive way, but we are trying to make it more positive) 3. Reinvent the Fashion System (rethink, reinvent, not just reproduce) - Explore, question and re-imagine the production, promotion and consumption of fashion - Fashion is made up of every discipline – sociology, anthropology, history, business, fine are, psychology Lecture Topics Lecture Topics - The Fashion Impulse – does fashion exist beyond the consumer culture - Fashion Cycles, Symbols and Flows – is fashion ever new or does it just repeat it self? How does it borrow from history? How does fashi
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