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Ryerson University
FSN 232
Joanne Mc Neish

Fat in the City: Outlaws and Outfits - PhD at York - BITE ME! Toronto Int’l Body Image Firm and Arts Festival, Founder & Director - Obsessed with cats - LGBT bookstore? - Hopes to create a self-esteem thing for girls Today: - fat activism - there is a spectrum of voices that can be heard - just her voice is being expressed today - Audre Lodre: Black Queer Feminist, Essayist and Activist - On the subway when she was a teenager “if you weren’t such a fat, big black bitch, you wouldn't be afraid of my dog”  so man people laughed at her - We get lost in these “love yourself” blabla .. but so often we don't hear the real, everyday experiences - Intersectionality: Embodied Subjectivities and Diversities – we all have race, gender, sexuality, ability, class - Clothing can be a form of resistence - Fat people are seen as the mistake, bad, out of control, seen as the joke, not attracted - Never meeting the standard, whether weight, wrinkle free etc - Stereotypes: black women are stronger and can have more “junk in the trunk” the men love it etc ..but in truth they are just as obsessed, skin bleaching, diets etc - Race d
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