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Weeth11 th 15 Century Italian architecture and finishing 15 century italiam and northern painting 13.27 12.30 13.27 13.24 Lighting and shading is important The figures are not inhabiting space Greater naturalism in understanding how they felt 13 05 14 25 The cross and the halo indicate that its Christ Those symbols help know that its crhist In the versacio there is lots more emotion The compositions are not equal, one seems more spontaneous 13 46 and 13 52 13. 17 strong foreshortening telling stories with decorall 13.49 13.48 pero shows more movement, more understanding of contraposto than angelico the virgin is depicted differently halo isn’t as elegant between the too use of foreshortening in the halo looks more realistic in piero’s 13.29 and 13.37 one is more masculine than the other but over all they are the same 13.28 contrapostal classical sculpture 12.28 1415/1423/1427 broad drapery proportion of the figures, big heads and big hands 1415 shows more detail of the armour and the proportions are better more interest in complicated lines 13.61 and 13.59 there is strange movement whacky perspectives the angels are petite great use of foreshortening in comparison to 13.20 there is less clarity, less balance 14.13 and 13.20 leaonardo and versacio do very similar things there is clarity most important thing is in the centre of the composition recognizable measure of space 14.13 and 13.61 clarity of the high renaissance work know stylistic labels are not automatic 13.75 technique of oil painting has entered Italy and defines accurate representations the last supper is a fresco like jotto Leonardo did some dumb things with the frescoes 13.62/13.48/13.49 water basin with pure water, pure towels there is hidden symbolism ordinary things meaning something particular 12.30/ 11.10 jan van eyck is earlier than the book of ours van eyck played with space diffrerent;ly he used expressive form and showed a realistic space the naturalism of the depiction is more apparen
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