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Lecture 2

Week 2 Art history winter

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FSN 232
Janna Eggebeen

Raphaels Madonna of the meadow 1505 Mary looks very huge There is a unity through a pyramid composition created with the characters It unites each figure at the point of the metaphorical triangle Baby jesus is reaching for the cross that is his doom help by his cousin, john the baptist Controposto poses on the children Activity and emotion Landscape is growing importance in renessaince art Behind the lake is a church, the ultimate journey of jesus after he dies as he becomes the head of the church Idealization and perfection in the art Renaissance art has a taste for primary colours Artworks characterized By humanity, unity, monumentality Monumentality: figures are huge in landscape Unity: pyramid compsition Favorite compositional device of renaissance, very stable Unites figures on point of triangle clear colours and light Artists of the Italian High Renaissance worked for Medici family Occures in city of Rome Leonardo de Vinci Michelangelo Buonarroti Raffaello Senzio Tiziano Vecelli Leo, Mich and Raf all knew each other and Mich and Raf had issues between each other Leo is oldest and raph is youngest What is a Renaissance man? Leonardo da vinci was also very fashionable other than being a scientist and an artist He thought that men wore too tight of pants and women wore too tight of corsets Before locks and keys existed and the purse had a clasp that kept closed There was a series of a 100 purses made out of his sketch by a modern developer Leonardo Last supper 1495-98 Was going to be charged and imprisoned for being homosexual and he needed to get out of flaurance He told Duc Lavigo Sforza in milan that he could make weapons, clothes and he was an artists (this was before artists were looked up on) He viewed art as another way of recording how we experience life experimented with a artistic materials to draw faster fresco was very unforgiving and slow new technique of oil and tempra paint and it was a failure that the painting was chipping away even when he was alive Student of Verrochio Concerned with first had knowledge Vanishing point is behind jesus’ head the windows show ariel perspective, using 2 perspective to show 4 groups of 3 desiples 3 is the holy number (father, son, spirit) The moment when he announces that he will be betrayed Back in the day people really knew their religion and knew which desiple is which and how they act characteristically 3 theorgical ways of 4 season Developed this intentionally Figure sketches not composition sketches people were delighted to see the narrative in the drawings and find more in the work of art only line and no shading Mixed oil and tempera paints with water = deteriorating Compositiona; and conceptual Perspective symbolism Mona Lisa 1503 mona= Madam wife of Giacondo also known as the cheerful one or the smiling one leo liked to make word play things are not sharp lines but there are more gradual He put in the background the expects of her personality More life like Leonardo had always had problems with him not finishing his commissions and he didn’t care to complete them many times even though he was paid Was chased by the husband till the end of his days because he liked it Negotiated his own terms with his art, not a slave of the commissioner Was already very famous while leo was alive he died in france that why it ended up there Nepolian had it up in his rooms because he liked it Was stoled by an italian carpenter and kept it under his bed The carpenter thought that it belonged in flourance and it was put up there for a while then it was sent back and never traveled again since. Pyramid composition Hair becomes like rivers is it finished? Rogier van der Weyden 1455 Showed renaissance style before leo phycology renaissance tranquility Doesn’t actually capture how we see things Clasped hands Highly realistic yet does not capture feeling of a real person not smokey like leo Leo Vitruvian Man 1490 Man is the measure for all things beautiful Human body proportions The ideally proportioned are body creates a circle and a square Vitruvius was ancient architecture Beauty is a result of proportion Leonardo Plans of domed churches 1490 Has went out of style at one point and people could not careless Than a family collected and bought all of his sketches Never an architect or built a building but he was interested This is the ideal building based of the vitruvian man Donato Bramante The
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