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FSN 302
Sue Barnwell

1890’s • Little difference between male costumes from 1880s and 1890s except increasing use of informal attire • “caddish” to wear anything but frock coat or morning coat in town • lounge suits could be blue serge or patterned tweed • Permissible to wear a fancy waistcoat, sometimes extremely patterned • “Tailor and Cutter” issued a warning in 1890 that “gentlemen with abdominal convexity will use discretion in the employment of hues and patterns calculated to draw attention to that unromantic formation” • trousers in early 90’s were of the peg-top variety – young men wore them with turnups o Still looked on with disfavour tho o Created sensation in 1893 when Viscount Lewishman wore them in the House of Commons • Ties and bows o Some were ready made • Height of collar increased throughout decade until it became a real “choker” Female • Bustle finally disappeared • Horizontal skirt draperies disappeared as well • Dresses were smooth over the hips and made to fit snugg o Made to fit tight by cut on the cross • Skirts = long bell shaped o Usually had a train even when worn in the street • Day dresses = high in the neck and finished with ruching o a large bow of tulle • Alot of lace was worn, even during the day o New importance placed on lace
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